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Clean up Week5/29/2017

CLEAN - UP WEEK - 2017

The Town will have Clean-up Week 2017 during the week of

May 29th to June 2. During this period, non-household garbage/refuse items will be collected by Town forces, subject to the items being placed within 3.05 meters (10') of the driving surface. Details of the acceptable/unacceptable items and other related guidelines are listed below:

During this Annual Clean-up Week:

Ø Each street will be completed once.

Ø Clean up refuse will be picked up the same day as your scheduled household garbage collection.

Ø Please separate refuse into four categories at curbside:

1. regular household/kitchen garbage,

2. garden waste (leaves/grass),

3. metals, including large appliances made mostly of metal, and

4. all other refuse, including furniture/plastics/construction debris.

Ø Please do not put out refuse before or after the designated dates for the clean-up.

Ø To have car wrecks removed, please call Manuel's Metals at 535-0104.

Ø All loose material (pieces of lumber, glass, gyproc, etc) must be in appropriate containers.

Ø Rocks, gravel, or concrete will not be removed.

Ø Hazardous waste such as paint, pesticides, oil, etc will not be collected. Please call Pritchett's at 535-2541 for further information.

Ø Tires will not be collected but should be recycled by returning to your usual tire retailer.

Ø Electronic equipment and propane cylinders will be collected at Notre Dame Refrigeration, call 535-6556 for more info.

Ø Discarded cellular phones can be dropped off at the Source, 535-2224

There will be no Clean-up Day in the Fall of this year !

Clean up Week5/30/2017

Clean up Week5/31/2017

Clean up Week6/1/2017

Clean up Week6/2/2017

Canada Day Celebration7/1/2017

Mussel Bed Soiree8/9/2017

Mussel Bed Soiree8/10/2017

Mussel Bed Soiree8/11/2017

Mussel Bed Soiree8/12/2017

Mussel Bed Soiree8/13/2017

Mussel Bed Soiree8/14/2017

Craft & Trade Show9/14/2017

Craft & Trade Show9/15/2017

Craft & Trade Show9/16/2017

Haunted Hike10/26/2017
This date is tentative.

Bonfire Night11/5/2017

Remembrance Day11/11/2017

Tree Lighting11/30/2017

Santa Claus Parade12/2/2017